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Knot Rings

Knots connect, hold and adorn. Formed in metal, they symbolize eternal unity - they cannot be untied. As stylistic elements, knots are convincing in various dimensions, sleekly simple or with brilliant-cut diamonds, as jewelry for the ears, as pendants, cufflinks or as finger rings.

#300 rose gold 750, band 2,0 mm
#300 yellow gold 750, band 1,5 mm
#331 & #300.P platinum 950, diamonds TWvs

#300.P gold 750 div., diamonds, band 1,5 mm
#300.P platinum 950, diamonds, band 2,5 mm
#300.1.P yellow gold 750, #300.1.P rose gold 750
#300.3.P stainless steel, diam. black, band 3,2 mm