Oliver Schmidt, goldsmith and jewelry designer, combines his many years of experience in jewelry making with those in related professions in his designs. Years of training in silver and iron forging are embedded in the handling and sense of form for precious metal.

Shapes, structures and details refer to the application of analogue, basic craft techniques. His style is to translate the powerful elements of forging into fine and clear shapes for jewelry.

Oliver Schmidt’s jewelry goes far beyond the decorative and technically perfect. It is always a gesture, an attitude to life, poetry.


Our studio is located in the historic center of the gold town Pforzheim. In a former Art Deco industrial building that was largely intact from the war. The rooms of our workshop still breathe the spirit of innovative creativity in Germany.

Our selected and certified dealers for precious metals and diamonds are located in the immediate vicinity. The responsible origin of the materials for our jewelry is essential for us. In addition to extracting metal from recycling, our dealers, as members of the RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council), guarantee unequivocal origin of the highest quality.


Familiar with traditional techniques, we produce jewelry in contemporary shapes – by hand, individually, each one on its own.

Fine handcraftsmanship is always an integral component of my collection. From the design to implementation in small series – and also for individualized custom-made pieces.

Our partner shops, jewelers and galleries are widely distributed in Europe and overseas.



It is my style to translate the powerful elements of forging into fine and clear shapes for jewelry”
Oliver Schmidt

2024 Inhorgenta München

2023 Eva Maisch, Würzburg
2023 Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel
2023 Jutta Graf, Biberach
2023 Inhorgenta München

2022 Trau Dich, Galerie Moha, Wien, AT
2022 Barbara Jewellery, Düsseldorf
2022 Sommerschau , Johanna Otto, Gilching
2022 Inhorgenta München

2020 reopening in cresswell street, ORRO, Glasgow, UK
2020 „frisch gestrichen“ Galerie Moha, Wien, AT
2020 Inhorgenta München
2020 Trau Dich, Galerie Moha, Wien, AT

2019 NOUER, Elsa Vanier, Paris, FR
2019 Inhorgenta München
2019 Trau Dich, Galerie Moha, Wien, AT

2018 Inhorgenta München
2018 Trau Dich, Galerie Moha, Wien, AT

2017 Unikate, Witwe Schütt, Pforzheim
2017 Barber´s Art Salon, Pforzheim
2017 Barbara Schulte-Hengesbach, Düsseldorf
2017 Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel

2018 Inhorgenta München

2016 Inhorgenta München

2015 Inhorgenta München

„Fine handcraftsmanship is always
an integral component of my collection. “
Oliver Schmidt


2014 Galerie Jungblut, Luxembourg, LU
2014 Galerie Moha, Wien, AT
2014 Inhorgenta, München

2013 Titan Blau, Dresden
2013 Galerie Moha, Wien, AT
2013 Th. Blume, Hildesheim
2013 Galerie Spandow, Berlin

2012 Barbara Schulte-Hengesbach, Düsseldorf
2012 Renate Weiss, Mödling, AT
2012 Eva Maisch, Würzburg
2012 Inhorgenta, München

2011 iii-Gallery, Brüssel, BE
2011 Andreas Killinger, Hiddensee
2011 Inhorgenta, München

2010 Galerie Moha, Wien, AT
2010 Galerie Isabella Hund, München
2010 Inhorgenta, München

2009 Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel
2009 Inhorgenta, München

2008 Studio Vincent, Minneapolis, USA
2008 Galerie Treykorn, Berlin
2008 Inhorgenta, München

2007 Galerie Spandow, Berlin
2007 der goldene schnitt, Karlsruhe
2007 Galerie Titanblau, Dresden
2007 Sommercocktail bei Schmuck + Form, Köln
2007 Inhorgenta, München

2006 Schmuckmuseum Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim
2006 Montserrat Guardiola, Barcelona, ES
2006 Barbara Schulte-Hengesbach, Düsseldorf
2006 Galerie Jungblut, Luxembourg, LU
2006 Inhorgenta, München

2005 Mei Lee, Gallery O, Brüssel, BE
2005 choice, Itami, JP
2005 Inhorgenta, München

2004 Galerie Spandow, Berlin
2004 Galerie Isabella Hund, München
2004 Inhorgenta, München
2004 Passagen, Schmuck + Form, Köln

2003 Christoph Contius, Solingen
2003 Forum Ferlandina, Barcelona, ES
2003 Galerie Helga Malten, Dortmund
2003 Orfeo, Köln
2003 Lilly Zeligman, Laren, NL
2003 Inhorgenta, München

2002 Schmidl und Wurm, Ravensburg
2002 Galerie Moha zur Art Vienna, Wien, AT
2002 Inhorgenta, München

2001 Temporäre Schmuckstation, Iserlohn