finely detailed work and formal design

text by jessica schreckenfuchs-vallant for “schmuck” magazine

.....that’s why, immediately after graduating from secondary school, oliver schmidt already knew that he was destined to create naturally curving lines. the striving for perfection has always motivated his style. his favorite material is gold because the metal acquires a special elasticity when it is wrought. his favorite form is the knot.

oliver schmidt describes his successful collection: “the knot symbolizes memories and beautiful moments. it’s like a sign that can simultaneously have a beautifully ornamental form. whether tightly tied, loosely tied or elegantly set with glittering brilliant-cut diamond pavé, it never loses its lightness.”

from 2001 to 2014, this master goldsmith was a founding member of the “juni” jewelry group, which helped him to earn internationally acknowledged renown in the jewelry industry.

… winning numerous commendations and awards (e.g. first prize in the schoonhoven silver awards in 2002) is a welcome side-effect for oliver schmidt, but he never allows such laurels to influence his way of working as a goldsmith.

“awards are motivating confirmations, but my essential influence is the silversmith’s craft per se,” the designer says.

oliver schmidt is often inspired by observations in daily life: closer scrutiny and questioning result in approaches that spark new ideas.

“the sketches for these are simple. the path toward a new piece or a new form first becomes apparent during the experimentation and observation.”

for the future too, this jewelry designer has no doubt that he will continue to create clear forms and lines that evoke emotions and associations which each wearer can link with an emotional connection or a memory.