jewelry & objects

the knot is the most comprehensive theme in the entire jewelry collection of oliver schmidt. this captivating image recurs in many variations.


the image of a ring - made of a golden profile embracing a diamond. ring and setting are formed like one flow, tied from one endless ribbon. the setting, shaped like an infinity eight, holds the diamond.

möbius ... like dancing through life together.
the ring’s band turns through a 180° twist. the comprehensible connection between the ring’s inner and outer surfaces suggests that these rings are meant to symbolize a shared whole.

the meaning is eternity and inseparability. knots and bands, also as daily companions, with thoughts about the timelessness of happiness.

diverse shapes * for symbolism

... a symbol of closeness, love and togetherness.
two ring bands are permanently joined into one. a brilliant-cut diamond sparkles at the midpoint of the gently curving motion.

earrings * fineness and presence

“fine handcraftsmanship is always an integral component of my collection.
the pleasure of ‘moving’ shapes and precious metals can be felt in all of my pieces. minimalism and naturalness in the expression charge my designs with timeless energy.”

“the years from 2001 to 2014, when i was a founding member of the juni jewelry group, contributed to my internationally acknowledged presence in the jewelry industry. i enjoy thinking back on my ‘juni’ years.i’ve been present with my collection under my own name since 2014. my style is to transfer the forceful elements of forging into fine and clear shapes for jewelry.”

“alongside my work in the atelier, i also give myself plenty of time for the design phase. i’m inspired by daily life, by nature and, of course, by the techniques of the craft. communicating with the jewelers and galleries, organizing exhibitions, and the time i spend answering your queries: all of these are important to me.”

“my pieces of jewelry are crafted lovingly and with the utmost meticulousness in my workshop. the brilliant-cut diamonds are sometimes set in pavé, either emphatically opulent or understatedly minimalistic. gold is my favorite material because it becomes incredibly elastic during the forging process.
the knot is my favorite form. the knots collection is the most comprehensive one among various my jewelry themes.”

inspired by nature

the forms of the design spark associations and recount their own stories.
they tell about nature, connections, emotional bonds and twists. these can have human allusions that evoke emotions.

the symbiosis of movement and form

the jewelry is a snapshot of motion. light spreads across the clear shape and creates shining lines along the soft edges.

inhorgenta jewelry trade fair in munich

“we show our collection and novelties each year at the jewelry fair, there we are in personal contact with our jewelers and gallery owners who present our jewelry in their shops.

you can find a list of our dealers in the ‘i’ for ‘information’ section. if this list doesn’t include a jewelry shop in your vicinity, please send us an email – we’ll be happy to assist you.”

finely detailed work and formal design

“the knot stands for memories and lovely moments. it’s like a sign that can have a beautiful and appealing shape. whether tightly or loosely tied or elegantly embellished with glittering brilliant-cut diamond pavé, it never loses its lightness.

i’m often inspired by observations in daily life. when i reconsider and question those observations, they can provide the first intimations of new ideas.

the accompanying sketches are simple. experimentation and observation open the doorway that can lead to a piece of jewelry or a shape.

the fact that i decided, right for the start, to design jewelry in small series shows how very important perfection is for me.

the design and the fabrication are in my hands, but i’m glad that i’ve have also been able to rely for several years on support from a small team whose members share my pleasure in making jewelry.

together with my team, i’d like to continue creating clear forms and lines that evoke emotions and associations which each wearer can associate with an emotional bond or a cherished memory.”

the doubling

a simple circular ring band, the basic shape of a wedding ring, is seen here in a new way.
the ring looks natural and matter-of-fact, with fine satin finishing on its profile and soft knots – to wear either solo or as two or more rings on the same finger.

playful * stainless steel and precious metals