the knot – a symbol of firm connection, secure hold and enduring memories ...

... a narrow metal band culminates in a tightly tied knot.

this simple basic idea has become both the most comprehensive theme in oliver schmidt’s jewelry collection and his distinctive trademark.

this memorable image is present in diverse forms – firmly tied or loosely wound, in precious metal and in shiny or blackened steel. brilliant-cut diamond pavé accentuates the contours, either opulently or understatedly.

the finely crafted shapes of the knots look modern and convincing.

the variations are the bands, which sometimes flow into one another: endlessly, with a single twist or in loops. playful reshaping transforms simple geometric profiles into visual statements. thanks to its clarity, jewelry designed in this way harbors a treasure trove of associations and stories.

dragonflies, ferns and loops: shapes and lines, inspired by nature and daily life, are captured in the process of process of forging these pieces of jewelry. the powerful elements of this way of working are translated into surprisingly fine and light shapes. this artistry is found above all in the collection’s jewelry for the ears and wrists. forging the jewelry creates excitement and elasticity – another accent in the collection.